If Vladimir Putin seems to stay the same age while world leaders around him are all hit by the natural weathering of time, there’s a good reason: The Russian president is almost certainly subjecting his face to steady rounds of non-invasive cosmetic treatments.

“He looks better than he did in 2002 so it’s obviously worked for him. He looks a heck of a lot better than Trump but not as good as Trudeau,” said Toronto cosmetic surgeon Stephen Mulholland.

The hollow cheeks and bags under the eyes that were once a hallmark of Putin’s famous icy stares have vanished.

Most noticeably, however, there has been a steady plumpening of the 64-year-old leader’s cheeks.

Whereas most men of Putin’s build start to see a skeletonization of their faces by their 60th birthday, Putin’s has increasingly obtained a rounded, Santa Claus-like appearance.

And judging by the Russian president’s apparently consistent fitness, the plumpness cannot be attributed to normal weight gain.