Surgical Blade
MicroAire Surgical Instruments introduces the EpiCut V-shaped blade designed for de-epithelialization of tissue for breast reduction and tram flaps. The curved, sterile, single-use blade helps reduce the potential of cutting into the dermis.
For more information, contact MicroAire Surgical Instruments, 1641 Edlich Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22911; (800) 722-0822;

Blue Lizard Australian Suncream by Del-Ray Dermatologicals is a sunscreen that protects against 90% of UVA and UVB rays with barriers such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The cream is water-resistant and retains its sun-protection factor after 240 minutes in water. Blue Lizard features Smart Bottle™ technology, which changes the bottle color when exposed to harmful UVA rays, reminding users to reapply the sunscreen. Blue Lizard offers a variety of formulas, including Blue Lizard Regular, Blue Lizard Face, Blue Lizard Baby, Blue Lizard Sport, and Blue Lizard Sensitive.
For more information, contact Del-Ray Dermatologicals, A Division of Crown Laboratories Inc, 349 Lase Cox Dr, Johnson City, TN 37604; (423) 926-4413;

Dry-Skin Gel
NeoCeuticals Problem Dry Skin Gel by NeoStrata is a moisturizing gel formulated with urea, gluconalactone, and lactobionic acid that exfoliates dry, dead skin to reveal a smooth complexion. The gel provides antioxidant protection and is safe for sensitive skin types.
For more information, contact NeoStrata Inc, 307 College Rd E, Princeton, NJ 08540; (800) 225-9411;

Skin-Resurfacing System
The Nectre™ HydraFacial System from Universal Companies is a noninvasive, anti-aging skin-resurfacing system for acne-prone or oily skin. HydraFacial cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates simultaneously with a vacuum abrasion tip. Combined with serums that soften, lift, and extract sebum and impurities, the HydraFacial resurfaces the skin without irritation or discomfort.
For additional information, contact Universal Companies Inc, 18260 Oak Park Dr, Abingdon, VA 24210; (800) 558-5571;

Laser Handpiece
The Lux1540 Fractional™ Laser Handpiece by Palomar Medical Technologies is an attachment for the StarLux® Pulsed Light and Laser System, a versatile device that offers permanent hair reduction, photofacials, and leg-vein and acne treatments. The handpiece delivers light in an array of microbeams to create columns of tissue coagulation in the epidermis and dermis tissues, sparing the surrounding tissue from damage. The Lux1540 columns extend to a depth of 1 mm, with energy levels of up to 100 mJ per microbeam. With the Lux1540, patients experience limited erythema and no downtime.
For more information, contact Palomar Medical Technologies, 82 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA 01803; (800) PALOMAR;

Lip Booster
Peptide Lip Therapy by PCA Advanced Skin Care Systems restores lip fullness and reduces furrows noninvasively. Peptide Lip Therapy includes peptide technology with BMX COMPLEX™, a moisture-boosting blend derived from barley and tomato extracts. The topical treatment uses a lipid complex to maximize penetration into the stratum corneum and antioxidants to strengthen the lips’ natural defenses against dryness, flaking, and environmental damage. It can be used on its own twice per day to maintain lip health and appearance, or as part of the Advanced PCA Lip Renewal protocol at night when the lips are most receptive to repair and cell renewal.
For more information, contact PCA Advanced Skin Care Systems, 8501 N Scottsdale Rd, Suite 150, Scottsdale, AZ 85253; (877) PCA-SKIN;

Preoperative Skin-Preparation Agent
3M introduces the One-Step Patient Prep, a nonalcoholic preoperative skin agent that reduces the risk of surgical-site infections. Delivered in a single-use sterile applicator, One-Step Patient Prep dries to a microbial film that resists wash-off by blood and saline. The solution can be used on the mucous membranes, and it meets FDA requirements for use on the abdomen and the groin. It keeps bacterial counts below baseline on the abdomen for up to 24 hours postpreparation and on the groin for up to 6 hours postpreparation.
For more information, contact 3M Health Care, 3M Center, St Paul, MN 55144-1000; (888) 364-3577;

Anti-Aging Eye-Care Serum
Topix Pharmaceuticals offers the Intensive Eye Lightening Serum, a green-tea polyphenol–based anti-aging treatment that targets undereye dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. The serum includes dipeptide VW, a peptide that stimulates lymphatic drainage and tissue-fluid balance; PAL-GQPR, a peptide that enhances skin firmness and elasticity; emblica, a pro-oxidant-free antioxidant that inhibits collagen breakdown and stimulates glycosaminoglycan production; and vitamin K, which reduces bruising and promotes healing in closed wounds.
For additional information, contact Topix Pharmaceuticals Inc, 174 Rte 109, West Babylon, NY 11704; (800) 445-2595;

Neck-Rejuvenation Cream
Revision Skin Care offers Nectifirm to address the signs of aging on the neck. Nectifirm rejuvenates skin on the neck and décolletage with seven active ingredients that work together to help strengthen the dermal–epidermal junction. Nectifirm tightens the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes roughness and creepiness, increases the skin’s elasticity, reduces adipose tissue in the jowl area and chin, and protects the skin from premature aging.
For more information, contact Revision Skin Care, 9019 Premier Row, Dallas, TX 75247; (800) 385-6652;

Laser-Ablation Fiber
SaphFire™ 2.5F fiber by CoolTouch is a single-use fiber designed for laser ablation. It is used with the CoolTouch CTEV™ 1320-nm Nd:YAG laser system for varicose vein treatment. Because of its smooth protected tip, the fiber effortlessly glides through the vein, virtually eliminating the possibility of snagging on the vein wall. Its 2.5F diameter allows the use of a smaller and less invasive 4F microintroducer for vein access, saving the physician time by minimizing sheath exchanges and reducing tissue trauma.
For more information, contact CoolTouch Inc, 9085 Foothills Blvd, Roseville, CA 95747; (877) 858-2665;

Laser Skin Rejuvenator
Affirm™ by Cynosure is a microthermal-rejuvenation system that treats wrinkles, pigmentation, veins, and rosacea. The system features mid:IR Combined Apex Pulse™ laser technology for stimulating collagen production throughout the entire treatment area with thermal manipulation of the epidermal and dermal tissues. Treatment does not require the use of messy gels or lotions. When combined with the SmartCool™ air-cooling system, treatment is virtually painless. The Affirm 1440 module is available as a stand-alone system and can be enhanced with by adding the Xenon Pulsed Light module.
For additional information, contact Cynosure Inc, 5 Carlisle Rd, Westford, MA, 01886; (800) 886-2966;

Incisionless Dissector
Coapt Systems introduces the SurgiWire™ Incisionless Dissector for sale in the United States. The Surgiwire allows plastic surgeons to remove deep skin defects, such as brow wrinkles, creases between the nose and mouth, and facial scars, by separating dermal imperfections from their underlying attachments with only a few needle punctures.
For more information, contact Coapt Systems, 1820 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303; (800) 963-7670;

Postprocedure Cream
For soothing relief after aesthetic plastic surgery, try Calendula Cream by Boiron. Calendula Cream is a homeopathic treatment that is available in gel, ointment, and lotion formulas. The gel is water-based, nongreasy, nonsticky, and quickly absorbed; and it penetrates the deep layers of the skin, promoting the healing of minor burns, cuts, rashes, and irritations. The ointment protects and moisturizes the wound. The lotion is also water-based and immediately refreshes, soothes, and moisturizes burned skin. It moisturizes the hands and body as well.
For additional information, contact Boiron, 6 Campus Blvd, Building A, Newtown Square, PA 19073; (610) 325-7464;

Alexandrite Laser for Tattoo Removal
The AlexLAZR by Candela treats a variety of tattoo pigments, including black, blue, and green inks, as well as dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions. The laser operates at a 755-nm wavelength and treats the tattoo or lesion without damaging the surrounding tissue. The system’s homogenous beam profile eliminates hot spots, alleviating patient discomfort.
For additional information, contact Candela Corp, 530 Boston Post Rd, Wayland, MA 01778; (508) 358-7400;

Nd:YAG Laser for Tattoo Removal
SkinClear™, a Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser by Sybaritic, safely removes tattoos and pigmented lesions from the face and body. SkinClear features efficient selective photothermolysis technology, which delivers energy directly from the laser rod to the skin, targeting and destroying tattoo pigments or melanin, leaving surrounding tissues unharmed and intact. It uses a “top-hat” beam profile for even distribution of energy. The diode-aiming beam targets the area to be treated. Dual wavelengths, 532 and 1064 nm, treat different tattoo colors.
For additional information, contact Sybaritic, 9220 James Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431; (800) 445-8418;

Compression Garments
Lipo In a Box Phase2wear™ features Stage 2 compression wear available in briefs, midthigh and capri lengths, high-waist styles, and bodysuits without underwires. Many seamless and minimal-seam styles are available, depending on the specific procedure and patient’s needs. The garments are available in sizes XS to 2X and in either nude or black.
For more information, contact Connie Elder International LLC, PO Box 290219, Nashville, TN 37229-0219; (866) 547-6269;

Practice Software
Practice 2007 by NexTech Systems is fully integrated practice-management, marketing, and medical-records software designed for plastic surgeons. Practice 2007, developed through close work with a client base of 1,500 plastic surgeons, is a comprehensive, modular software package for prospect tracking, scheduling, financial reporting, marketing, inventory, custom forms, electronic billing, and electronic medical records.
For additional information, contact NexTech Systems Inc, 5654 Marquesas Circle, Sarasota, FL 34233; (800) 490-0821;

Scar-Management Sheets
Bio Med Sciences offers Oleeva® Scar Shapes, pieces of self-adhesive silicone sheeting designed for the management of scars following breast or abdominal surgery procedures. Breast forms come as two separate pieces, ensuring proper placement and full coverage for all breast sizes. AP-Curves are designed for abdominoplasty patients and are ideal for use under surgical garments or ordinary clothing. Scar Shapes contain no messy gels or pastes. The outer surface is covered with a silky fabric for optimal comfort. The inside is made of Silon, used around the world for the treatment of burn scars.
For more information, contact Bio Med Sciences Inc, 7584 Morris Court, Suite 218, Allentown, PA 18106; (800) 25-SILON;

Breast Retractor
The lighted Engler Breast Retractor by Accurate Surgical and Scientific Instruments is designed for small-incision procedures. The breast retractor’s patented design allows maximum exposure and vision through the smallest incisions, because the long, narrow blade (65 mm long x 12 mm wide) delivers light and retraction much farther from the incision than standard retractors, providing exposure for dissection and hemostasis. It is compatible with all standard existing light sources and fiber-optic cables.
For more information, contact Accurate Surgical and Scientific Instruments, 300 Shames Dr, Westbury, NY 11590; (516) 333-2570;

Barbed Suture
Articulus CT400 by Surgical Specialties is a knotless barbed suture that combines two unidirectional threads to elevate and fixate sagging facial tissue. The CT400 reduces procedure time, increases suture-to-tissue holding strengths, and enhances efficiencies of thread-lift procedures in the midface and the brow. Each suture is 21.6 inches long, with two 41¼2-inch-long opposing barbed sections and a long, thin needle on each end. The barbs are arranged in a helical pattern, with more than 20 barbs per inch for a high barb-to-tissue ratio. The opposing barb segments are connected by a 2-inch section of smooth, nonbarbed suture to create an anchoring site instead of a knot. The 7-inch taper-cut needles are 0.034 inch in diameter and create a narrow needle channel, which allows greater suture-to-tissue contact.
For more information, contact Surgical Specialties Corp, 100 Dennis Dr, Reading, PA 19606; (800) 523-3332;

Microdermabrasion Device
Aesthetic Technologies introduces Duette™, a device that combines crystal microdermabrasion and the patented DiamondTome™ crystal-free skin-resurfacing system. Duette allows the physician to switch between using crystals and DiamondTome wands, not only from one patient to the next, but also while treating the same patient.

The system features a proprietary handpiece, which increases operator control and minimizes fatigue; self-contained waste canisters; triple HEPA filtration for a clean treatment environment; and a dehumidification system for clog-free operation. DiamondTome offers multiple diamond-tipped treatment wands in varying coarsenesses to address conditions from simple exfoliation to superficial scar reduction on both the face and body.
For additional information, contact Aesthetic Technologies, 14828 W Sixth Ave, Unit B9, Golden, CO 80401; (800) 262-4412;

Salt-Based Skin Rejuvenator
Salt-A-Peel MacroDermabrasion Therapy is a sodium chloride-based skin-rejuvenation system by IntegreMed. The noninvasive treatment uses water-soluble, nontoxic salt to safely and gently abrade the skin. Using adjustable positive pressure—not a vacuum—the topmost layers of skin are removed without excessive flushing, erythema, edema, or trauma. The healing characteristics of the salt result in a smoother peel and boost the clinical effects of skin repair. Renewal therapy is greatly enhanced with the addition of the proprietary DermaPhoresis™ ultrasound process, which infuses an antioxidant-rich Integris Skin Care mask that contains vitamins, alpha-hydroxy acids, and fibroblast stimulators to improve elastin and collagen production and help maintain healthy, vibrant skin.
For more information, contact IntegreMed, 6808 Academy Pkwy E NE, Bldg A, Suite 1, Albuquerque, NM 87109; (877) 733-7627;