After several botched liposuction surgeries, Gustavo Nunez was sentenced to 38.25 years in prison because the cosmetic surgeries he performed were illegal.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich said Nunez pleaded guilty to 28 felony charges after performing liposuction procedures on seven patients between 2012 and 2014 in Tucson. Three victims had to be hospitalized after botched surgeries and one sustained life-threatening injuries.

Nunez was arrested in August 2013 after two women showed up in Tucson hospitals with serious aggressive infections stemming from liposuction procedures he performed. An investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Tactical Diversion Squad in Tucson revealed that Nunez was not a doctor and had no official medical training.

Later, other women came forward with their complaints.

One woman was dropped off at a Tucson hospital after Nunez had tried to perform liposuction and she stopped breathing. An investigation by the Pima County Sheriff’s Office revealed Nunez didn’t seek medical care for her for almost an hour while she had multiple seizures and suffered from lack of oxygen to the brain. She ended up spending six weeks in a coma suffering from a brain injury and now has permanent stroke-like symptoms.

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