In her recently published book, “Doll Parts” (Regan Arts), Amanda Lepore claims to have “the most expensive body on Earth.” The veracity of that statement is open to interpretation, but she certainly has one of the most famously bodacious bods out there. It has not been easy for her to get there.

Lepore, 49, was born a boy, grew up in Ceder Grove, New Jersey, and began transitioning by taking hormones starting at age 15. Her feminization process resembles a long, silicone-paved road that’s transported her from being a kid obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield to becoming the toast of Manhattan nightlife (she makes her living modeling and by performing burlesque, singing and hosting events at clubs).

Lepore, who first landed in the public eye in 1990 via an appearance on “The Joan Rivers Show” with NYC’s “Club Kids,” shares the procedures that got her there.

“I sometimes think about doing getting more stuff done to my body, but not really,” she tells The Post. “Plastic surgery is for when you don’t like things .?.?. Everything I’ve got already looks so good.”