HintMD announces the launch of a cutting-edge service that offers an easy solution for patients to receive truly personalized skincare and in-office treatments at affordable prices.

Co-founded by industry veterans Aubrey Rankin and Vojin Kos, HintMD is designed with both patients and physicians in mind. With customization at the heart of the platform, physicians can input individual treatment plans by product, unit, and frequency, and cut-out out any anxiety at checkout by allowing customers to pay for their treatment plan in easy monthly subscription payments. Patients can follow their beauty journey and track their treatment plans within the app.

Averaging at $171 for a monthly plan inclusive of a neuromodulator (ie Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin), filler, skincare, or other aesthetic treatments, HintMD helps make in-office treatments approachable. This affordability translates to patients frequenting their physicians more often. During HintMD’s 2-year beta-test, which included more than 6,000 members in 50 aesthetic practices, patients’ annual visits increased from 1.4 times per year to 2.9 times per year while using the services, notes a media release from HintMD.

“We want patients to feel comfortable and less intimidated about aesthetic procedures,” says Vojin Kos, co-Founder and CCO. “The platform takes away the guesswork that we found was associated with visiting your physician or aesthetician. Patients know what they’re going to pay so they stay consistent with their appointments.”

“HintMD made it easier both for our practice and our patients. We found that patients are adding on services like HydraFacials and Vivace to round-out their treatment plans, that they might not have otherwise been able to afford,” adds Grant Stevens, MD, FACS, in the release.

The physician platform and patient app also allows for unified integration with existing rewards programs including Galderma’s ASPIRE Points, as well as medical-grade skincare purchases like ALASTIN Skincare and ZO Skin Health.

HintMD launched to physicians at the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Aesthetic Meeting 2018 and nationwide this July, starting with 250 of the top aesthetic and dermatology practices.

For more information about the service or to download the HintMD app, which is available on iOS and android devices, visit HintMD.

[Source: HintMD]