Population: 203,429,773 as of July 2011
Official Language: Portuguese
Climate: Mostly tropical; cooler in the south

Did you know? One Brazilian man gets plastic surgery every 2 minutes.

Number of plastic surgery procedures performed in 2014: 2,058,505

• Percentage of global total: 10.2%

• Number of plastic surgeons in this country:
5,473, 13.6% of total

• Total surgical procedures: 1,343,293

• Total face & head procedures: 501,053

• Total breast procedures: 422,789

• Total body and extremity procedures: 12,752

• Total nonsurgical procedures: 715,212

Plastic Surgery in Brazil at Your Fingertips:

“Our ideas and ideals about beauty along with many of the early techniques designed to achieve them come from our Brazilian colleagues,” says Renato Saltz, MD, a Brazilian-born plastic surgeon who practices in Salt Lake City.

“The new generation of Brazilian plastic surgeons continue to innovate and help our specialty to improve body contouring surgery,” says Saltz, also the chair of the American-Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting.

“Body shape and figure plays a big role in a very tropical country where the majority of the population lives by the Atlantic Ocean,” Saltz says. ”Abdomens are extremely flat and defined, women are very fit and muscled, and breasts and buttocks continue to get larger and firmer,” he says.

“The ‘Brazilian butt’ has dominated the news in Brazil and abroad, and consists of a larger, firmer, and very attractive buttock compared to other cultures,” Saltz says. “Fat injection, butt lifts, and buttock implants are the three popular surgical choices for enhanced buttocks in Brazil and the US.”

Data source: International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Breaking it Down:

Brazil’s Surgical Procedures By the Numbers:

Liposuction: 217,606

Breast Augmentation: 185,042

Eyelid Surgery: 161,235

Abdominoplasty: 121,884

Fat Grafting: 112,306

Brazil’s Nonsurgical Procedures By the Numbers:

Botulinum Toxin: 355,581

Hyaluronic Acid: 182,141

Hair Removal: 76,239

Laser Skin Resurfacing: 52,650

Chemical Peel: 16,145