Non-invasive new technologies to help people get toned and in shape are on the rise in Bermuda.

Northshore Medical Centre on North Shore Road, Devonshire, has introduced the laser liposuction and freeze sculpting to the island.

Neither of these technologies involves surgery.

The laser ‘lipo’ is gaining popularity locally, especially during the summer months and for special occasions.

Kyjuan Brown, owner of the practice, who specialises in general medicine, dermatology, aesthetics and weight loss, believes it is a healthy option.

Dr Brown said laser lipo achieves a short-term result, breaking down the fat in the body, but not destroying it.

He mentioned that laser lipo is not a weight loss product, this is a body contour.

Dr Brown said: “There is no pain and no cutting involved.

“We use laser energy to break down the fat cells. Just imagine your fat as a beach ball, with the beach ball having fatty content in the middle, so what the laser does it punches holes is the beach ball and releasing its fatty content which is the fatty acids.

“It’s the quickest and easiest process to tone up those few extra inches in only 30 minutes. We will measure you before and after and you will see the difference,” he added.

Freeze sculpting has more of a long-term effect, by freezing and destroying the stubborn fat.

“Years ago, scientists observed that some children who ate Popsicles got dimples in their cheeks,” Dr Brown said.

“The scientists realised that the Popsicles were freezing and eliminating small pockets of fat cells. It was then scientists created frozen sculpting.”

The CoolSculpting procedure cools and targets the fat cells underneath the skin. Treated fat cells are crystallised — or frozen — and then die.

After freeze sculpting, it takes about three months to see the results.

Treatment involves being attached to the freezing machine for about an hour. While the results take longer to happen, it’s a more permanent body-contouring solution than laser lipo.

After the client loses the fat, Dr Brown uses radio frequency skin-tightening to complete to job.