Canfield’s newest 3D software simulator for aesthetic apploications offers photo-realistic, 3D simulations of the most widely requested body contouring and augmentation procedures, the firm announced this week.

As with the company’s Face Sculptor and Breast Sculptor modules, Body Sculptor begins with a high resolution photograph of the patient taken with the VECTRA 3D imaging system. Using the Body Sculptor 3D’s graphical user interface, the practitioner can quickly modify the image to simulate the desired post operative outcome.

Body contouring procedures — in addition to traditional surgical approaches such as augmentation, abdominoplasty and liposuction — can be simulated using Body Sculptor software. Because Body Sculptor simulations show outcomes using the patient’s own anatomy, a great deal of the uncertainty about the result is removed. This provides prospective patients with visual information that can help them commit to the procedures, shortening the decision process, and increasing conversion rates, according to the firm’s recent press release.

Body Sculptor includes all of the breast augmentation tools previously delivered in the Breast Sculptor module. Along with Face Sculptor, it is included with the purchase of every new VECTRA 3D face and body system, or can be purchased separately. Body Sculptor will be provided as a free upgrade to customers with current service agreements.

[Source: Canfield Imaging Systems]