When it comes to aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, patients and surgeons expect high-quality postsurgery garments that will help hold dressings in place and provide compression and comfort during the healing process. Here is a review of new garment products on the market that help achieve the desired results.

Frank Stubbs Co Inc

Frank Stubbs Co Inc offers the No. 2006 White Com­­pression Girdle, which can be worn after surgeries around the buttocks, flanks, and thighs. The No. 2006 girdle is constructed of premium-grade, white, soft-flex spandex that has a soft suede-like inside to provide increased patient comfort. The girdle also features a double-layered tummy area to provide additional compression, and a 3-inch, plush-lined elastic waistband that eliminates the need for suspenders. The No. 2006 girdle comes with full-length foam padding underneath a full-length zipper, which provides easy application. All garments are form-fitting and can be worn under clothing. Frank Stubbs Co Inc manufactures a variety of girdles, ranging from above-the-knee to ankle-length to high-waist, under the Flex-Support brand. The garments feature hook-and-eye or contact closures, and they are available in white, black, and beige.

For more information, contact Frank Stubbs Co Inc, 2100-B Eastman Ave, Oxnard CA 93030; (800) 223-1713; www.fstubbs.com

Annette International

Postliposuction garments by Annette International are lined in cotton and are latex free. The garments, with two-sided zippers, provide comfort while preventing skin marks. More than 30 items are available for plastic surgery procedures.

For more information, contact Annette International, 6708 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33166; (877) 883-0822; www.annetteinternational.com

Rainey Compression Essentials

For upper-arm compression after brachioplasty, Rainey Compression Essentials offers a postoperative garment that provides comfortable healing compression to the surgical site. The compression garment features lightweight, breathable fabric that feels good next to sensitive skin. The latex-free garment offers easy Velcro adjustability at the back closure and is available in sizes XS–XXL in three popular colors.

For more information, contact Rainey Compression Essentials, 1599-A Memorial Dr, Suite 107, Atlanta, GA 30317; (888) 772-4639; www.raineywear.com

Morris Designs Inc

Morris Designs Inc offers a male vest line that allows flexibility and maximum compression. The vests disappear under clothing and can be used for multiple procedures. They feature double-reinforced fronts, shoulders without Velcro® fabric fasteners, and different neck choices. Morris Designs selects fabric with the most advanced Lycra memory, utilizes new finishes for breathability, and offers a wide range of garments for all stages of recovery. Morris Designs also manufactures a full line of compression wear for any surgical procedure.

For additional information, contact Morris Designs Inc, 2216 Commerce Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23454; (800) 766-5578; www.morrisdesigns.com

MD Resource Corp

Designed by a collaboration of physicians, nurses, and engineers, MD Resource Corp Signature garments are made from high-quality Lycra fabric, providing uniform circumferential compression while maximizing comfort and mobility. Signature garments incorporate flat-fell seams and convenient openings. Neutral and black color options ensure that the garments will be discreetly disguised and will not show through clothing.

For additional information, contact MD Resource Corp, 23392 Connecticut St, Hayward, CA 94545; (800) 633-8423; www.mdresource.com

Medical Z Corp

Medical Z Corp offers postsurgical lipo garments in CoolMax by DuPont. This high-tech, innovative fabric not only gives the desired compression needed, but also allows for unsurpassed comfort without zippers. A complete line of garments, including a men’s line, an accessory line, and specialty cut-scar management gels, are also available. Lipo garments are available in black or white and in sizes XS–XXL.

For additional information, contact Medical Z Corp, 6800 Alamo Downs Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78238; (800) 368-7478; www.medicalz.com


To increase pa­tient comfort and reduce complications following breast and chest surgery, BSN-JOBST offers the JOBST Surgical Vest. The breathable fabric manages postoperative ede­ma while helping keep the patient cool and dry. With Velcro closures in the front of the shoulders and a break-resistant nylon zipper, the vest allows for easy examination of the surgical site. Five sizes and four styles are available: two cups, no cups, right cup, and left cup. All vests are latex-free and machine-washable.

For more information, contact BSN-JOBST, 5825 Carnegie Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28209; (800) 537-1063; www.jobst.com

Shippert Medical Technologies Corp

Shippert Medical Technologies Corp offers Design Veronique postsurgical compression garments, which are available for both males and females. The garments are latex-free, are available with or without zippers, and come in three colors in sizes XS-4X. The compression garments feature the facial band line, which has adjust­able/ detachable anchor straps and Velcro closures. It also includes a model with hot or cold compresses. The breast-wear has adjustable Velcro straps, convenient front closures, and hook-and-eye back closures. The breast-wear line is designed with no seams at surgical sites for extra patient comfort. Upper body-wear is made of breathable, comfortable fabric with nonchafing flat seams and gripper lace to prevent rolling up. The girdles have reinforced flat seams and a reinforced open crotch.

For more information, contact Shippert Medical Technologies Corp, 6248 S Troy Circle, Unit A, Centennial, CO 80111; (800) 888-8663; www.shippertmedical.com

Medico International

Medico International™ offers Cool Jaw, a line of postsurgical cold-therapy gel packs and holders that are ideal for facial and oral surgeries. These soft, machine-washable cloth holders have two pockets to hold reusable gel packs and adjustable Velcro closure at the top of the head. Their convenient, patented design provides cool relief and offers compression. Each cloth holder comes individually packaged with instructions and four gel packs. The wraps may be customize with any office logo.

For more information, contact Medico International, PO Box 3092, Palmer, PA 18043; (877) 411-7009; www.medicointernational.com

COVA Marketing LLC

Lipo In a Box Phase2Wear™ features a complete line of second stage compression-wear. The garments are available completely seamless or with minimal seams; they also come in many styles, depending on the patient’s specific procedure and needs. They high-waist Capri-length style is ideal for many aftercare patient needs. The garments are available in sizes XS–2X and in nude or black.

For additional information, contact COVA Marketing LLC, PO Box 290219, Nashville, TN 37229-0219; (866) 547-6269; www.lipoinabox.com

Clearpoint Medical

The postoperative compression bra by Clearpoint Medical features 85% Lycra and 15% spandex fabric. Outside cup seams facilitate healing at the surgical site. The bra features extra-wide Velcro® adjustable straps, a hook-and-eye front closure, a 40-mm midriff band, and a stretch cup design to fit B, C, and D sizes. It is available in sizes 32–46 in white; and in sizes 34–38 in black and beige.

For more information, contact Clearpoint Medical, 1320 Route 9, Champlain, NY 12919; (866) 694-7799 ext 221; www.clearpointmd.com

Contemporary Design Inc

Expander-Sizer™, by Contem­p­orary Design Inc (CDI), solves the problem of achieving a proper girdle fit. The Expander-Sizer is 11/2 inches wide and comes in a variety of lengths to accompany CDI’s compression girdles. It connects to the left and right sides of CDI’s girdle to give complete flexibility. All CDI’s girdles are de­signed to be used with the Expander-Sizer.

For more information, contact Contemporary De­sign Inc, PO Box 3637, Palmer, PA 18043; (800) 330-6300; www.contemporarydesigninc.com

Dale Medical Products Inc

Dale Medical Products Inc offers the Dale Post-Surgical Bra for soft support and compression immediately after breast surgery. Breathable fabric stretches to accommodate edema without binding or irritating sensitive tissue. It features a front Velcro-type closure for surgical-site inspection and dressing changes. The bra can be worn alone or can be used to hold surgical dressings in place without tape. It is available in five sizes.

For more information, contact Dale Medical Products Inc, PO Box 1556, 7 Cross St, Plainville, MA 02762; (800) 343-3980; www.dalemed.com

HK Surgical

HK Surgical Maximum Com­pression Garments are made of lightweight, breathable, soft-textured power net fabric. Latex-free and washable, these garments come in an extensive range of sizes. Avail­able in white and black, the smooth, nonbinding inseams with zippered closures facilitate easy placement after surgery. With the three-way stretch fabric, patients are able to move freely. A line of high-pressure Lycra garments, which can be used as a primary or secondary garment, is also available.

For additional information, contact HK Surgical, 1271 Puerta del Sol, San Clemente, CA 92672; (800) 909-0060; www.hksurgical.com

Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers Inc

For compression sleeves for postoperative compression after liposuction of the upper arm, turn to Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers Inc. The sleeves offer an alternative to complicated wraps commonly used for upper-arm compression. The sleeves, which feature the same unique fabric used in other garments from Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers Inc, fit comfortably around the shoulders and down the arms to the midforearm. The garment is available in S, M, L, and XL. Sizing is determined by the diameter of the upper arm, while the remainder of the garment is adjustable to all sizes.

For more information, contact Cosmetic Surgery Suppliers Inc, 1316 Rockbridge Rd, Suite J, Stone Mountain, GA 30087; (800) 525-7752; www.cosmeticsurgerysuppliers.com

Byron Medical

Byron Medical introduces the Empression™ Series Com­pres­sion Girdles from Caro­med, which combine optimum compression and durable construction with style and comfort. Made from high- quality elastic fabric, the garments offer the look and feel of silk. Reinforced panels in the front, rear, and inner thigh ensure durability with extended use. Soft, plush backing, padded closures, and outside seams enhance patient comfort while providing effective, uniform postsurgical compression. They are available in above-the-knee and below-the-knee styles, with a choice of fleshtone or midnight fabric. In addition to a complete range of sizes, custom fabrication is available on request.

For more information, contact Byron Medical, 602 W Rillito St, Tucson, AZ 85705; (800) 777-3434; www.byronmedical.com