A strong jawline signifies strength, health and confidence, so it’s no wonder that men are taking aim at jiggling jowls.

Naomi Watts’ dermatologist David Colbert conceived of his new “tie tuck” treatment when Kyle MacLachlan came into his NYC office for some “sprucing” before filming David Lynch’s Twin Peaks reboot. After Colbert looked at images from the original ’90s series in which the actor starred, a light bulb went off. “With age, the skin along the jaw can sink into a pocket of fat,” he says.

The two-hour tie-tuck procedure involves a mix of radio frequency and Ultherapy, both of which lift and tighten, the latter using ultrasound technology; fat-melting compound Kybella; crease filler Radiesse; and Botox sibling Dysport — all to reduce fatty deposits under the neck and cheek jowls and deliver a more defined jawline ($4,500 to $6,500). Colbert advises patients to have the procedure done annually, maintaining results with Botox and laser toning.