Jawline enhancements are trending among a new demographic: Generation Z. With the TikTok hashtag #chinlipo netting nearly 60 million views, Gen Z influencers are coming clean about the work they’ve had done to their jawlines. One such influencer, Audrey Peters, revealed that she had “over an inch of fat” removed from her chin via Airsculpt liposuction technology. And the results, Peters say, speak for themselves. 

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe told The Post he saw an uptick in face-slimming procedures at the beginning of the pandemic when people’s faces were all anyone saw on Zoom meetings—but the trend is still going strong as people re-enter society.

“Even though we are slowly moving into a post-pandemic world, I am still seeing this trend being carried over with in-person meetings [and] events becoming more common again,” he said.

Being on camera as a full-time job made Audrey Peters notice her flaws more, especially when people would comment on them. “In real life, I had family members that would be like, ‘Oh, it’s so cute,’ and almost like pinch my double chin,” the TikTok performer said, adding that she found it “offensive.” “Obviously, commentary on the internet is [super brutal]. And everyone would be like, ‘Stop shopping and get your double chin removed.’”

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