Plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft has many high profile patients who would never admit that they’ve had work done–and get away with it, too, thanks to her subtle touch.

“My personal aesthetic is a little bit less-is-more,” she explains. Here, the Park Avenue doctor dishes on surgery in the social media age, from why Kylie Jenner isn’t to blame for the rise in lip injections to the surprising reason many teenagers are sitting in her waiting room.

You have a lot of teenage patients. What are they asking for?
I actually do a lot of teenage operations. I think one of the reasons is because I’m still on the younger side for plastic surgeons, so I think that makes me a little more approachable for younger girls. They can kind of identify with me a little bit, as opposed to this sort of old, masculine surgeon.

For a lot of the young girls who have come in, how they choose a doctor is very interesting. Sometimes they really care about if you’re female or male. Another thing that is really interesting in the younger population is that online reviews are so important. People actually have told me that they are more likely to believe online reviews than word of mouth, which is the opposite of what my generation, and my parents’ generation preferred.

For many people over 40, plastic surgery was something that was whispered about between very, very close friends, But with the advent of social media, it’s no longer whispered about. You have a lot more exposure. Young people today are more open about it, and maybe more open to having plastic surgery.

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