Ken Smart, MD, a plastic surgeon of Frisco Plastic Surgery, in Frisco, Tex, is offering "SmartLipo", an alternative to traditional liposuction, which provides fast recovery and less bruising.

"Traditional liposuction has been available for years and recovery from this type of invasive surgery is typically slow and bruising is extensive," said Smart. "However, with the new laser-assisted SmartLipo, and the skills of a qualified and caring surgeon, patients are able to have the procedure one day, and return to normal activities, such as work, the next day."

The SmartLipo device uses a laser to melt fat under local anesthesia. The device uses a very small tube—just 1 mm—containing a laser fiber that is inserted through the skin and passed throughout the treatment area. Laser energy is applied directly to the fat cells, causing them to rupture and drain away. The laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately on contact, resulting in less bleeding, swelling, and bruising, and a quicker recovery time than conventional liposuction. The laser also interacts with the dermis, resulting in skin tightening.

Approved by the FDA in October 2006, SmartLipo is an option for patients who are near their ideal body weight and have small areas of fat that do not respond to diet and exercise. Areas that can be treated include the neck, abdomen, arms, thighs, love handles, and breasts.

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