The California governor has over 700 bills to either approve or disapprove by midnight, September 30, and this one — which was a kneejerk legislative response to the unfortunate death of rapper Kanye West's mother following a plastic surgery procedure — did not meet Arnold's benchmark of "highest priority" legislation.

From the Los Angeles Times: Schwarzenegger vetoes cosmetic surgery bill:

A measure intended to prevent cosmetic surgery-related deaths fell victim to a rash of vetoes Sunday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The bill was written after the death last November of Donda West, mother of rapper Kanye West. The 58-year-old woman died one day after breast reduction and liposuction surgery, and an autopsy found health problems, including high blood pressure and cardiac artery blockage.

In vetoing the measure, Schwarzenegger said this summer's historic, 85-day delay in passage of a state budget left him with time to enact only the highest-priority legislation for California.

Notice the poor writing (or editing) of the lead sentence –"A measure intended to prevent cosmetic surgery-related deaths…" A purposeful effort to convey the idea that the governor has vetoed a bill that would prevent death. This is, of course, untrue. The bill would have added additional requirements and actions to be taken on the part of both doctor and patient prior to any aesthetic surgery procedures. 

Again, the mainstream media not only gets the facts wrong, it intentionally skews the reporting against both a Republican governor and the whole aesthetic surgery field.