BBC News is reporting that the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) is taking issue with advertising from some cosmetic surgery clinics in England that may be taking liberties in reporting the effectiveness of their reconstructive surgery procedures.

BAAPS officials claim that some of the advertising shows models with "anatomically impossible" breasts while other ads offer "lunchtime facelifts," according to the BBC.

In fact, the news service reported, one clinic offered a discount worth about $350 for having cosmetic surgery quickly, and the plastic surgery association says there is no such thing as a "lunchtime facelift."

A spokesman for the Advertising Standards Authority, which oversees advertising propriety in the United Kingdom, told the BBC, "We look into all complaints and make an adjudication. This is not something we are inundated about, but there are more [advertisements] of that nature out there now, so we you might expect more complaints."

[Source: BAAPS]