One of the more rewarding aspects in the field of plastic surgery is the constant reinvention of product and procedure—always with an eye on improving the status quo. The goal for each surgeon is the same: Be in a position to offer patients the ultimate in pre- and postoperative care, with up-to-the-minute alternatives in both reconstruction and aesthetic outcome.

As the new editor of Plastic Surgery Products, I hope to continue on the quest set before me to keep the pages of this growing publication filled with the most innovative and cutting-edge surgical information and news available. And my door (or rather, email and voice mail) is open for your input. Your expertise is what this magazine is about.

Over the years, plastic surgery has taken a dramatic turn. This profession no longer has to be the “odd man out,” with plastic surgeons racking their brains to come up with new ways to beautify the planet. Thankfully, plastic surgery has graciously opened its mother arms to embrace outside techniques worthy of acceptance. And from the four corners of the world come many exciting treatments that plastic surgeons are incorporating along with surgical procedures, to give patients the most favorable results that human hands can produce.

We have included lots of eye-catching articles in this issue to speed up recovery time and improve healing. Some articles sound like the answer to everyone’s prayer—no more scars! And isn’t that the key to any successful aesthetic surgery—improvement without the telltale signs of a surgeon’s handiwork?

One particular story that caught my eye deals with Mesotherapy. Although I.hadn’t given the procedure much thought before, suddenly faxes were flying and my email was jammed with information about it—so much so, I felt I had to chip in my two cents. If there is anything that can help get rid of fat—I’m for it!

Liposuction has always been the mainstay technique to help eliminate pouches and pockets. Then, along came Endermologie, which was met with much skepticism when first introduced. Lately it seems that plastic surgeons have finally warmed up to this “lipo aide,” and no doubt the Liposuction/Endermologie combination is unbeatable. Now, more help has arrived on the fat-busting scene.

Hopefully, every female can now have the opportunity to fulfill her destiny—to climb back into her favorite pair of skinny jeans.

Is Mesotherapy the answer to our prayers? Well, it probably isn’t a formidable competitor of liposuction; after all, mesotherapy can only go so far. But who knows? Maybe it will give liposuction a go around the game board, especially for people who fear going under the knife (or vacuum), or find the thought of anesthesia a tad intimidating.

Mesotherapy might just turn out to be another happy ending in the tender gender’s eternal quest to finally say “adios” forever to the number one annoyance in our lives (on second thought, let’s make that number two): fat!