The latest report from Technavio announced the leading vendors in the global liposuction market along with other vendors expected to gain in prominence.

Identification methods consider top contributors to the market’s overall revenue. Technavio uses revenue generated from the sale of cardiovascular training equipment to calculate market size considering liposuction procedures involved, including radio frequency- and laser-assisted methods, ultrasound and others.

“Over the past decades, there has been a significant change in the number of individuals opting for various types of cosmetic surgery,” Abhay Sinha, a Technavio health and wellness lead analyst, says in a media release from Technavio Research. “In 2014, 1,273,901 liposuction procedures were conducted globally, constituting 14.8% of the total surgical procedures in the cosmetic surgery market.”

Top Liposuction Vendors

  1. Cynosure
  2. Erchonia
  3. Genesis Biosystems
  4. Valeant Pharmaceuticals
  5. Alma Lasers

According to the research, Technavio predicts more people will seek out liposuction treatment around the world. These areas include Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, South Korea, India, Japan, China, Iran and the US.

“Energy-based techniques provide quality results as the majority of them are noninvasive, thereby reducing the chances of side effects,” Sinha states in the release. “They have also increased patient satisfaction by significantly reducing pain, swelling, and bruising, reducing the time of the procedure and ultimately providing the desired shape to the body of patients, thereby increasing the popularity of liposuction.”

[Source(s): Technavio Research, Business Wire]