With May being National Posture Month, a new deep-tissue massage and daily workout designed to tone and relax the core facial muscles may help reverse aspects of facial aging.

Designed by Aaron Parnell, ACST, an Olympic sports therapist and posture expert, Facial Reposturing® therapy minimizes tension patterns in the core muscles of the face. As a result, lines and deep wrinkles can progressively relax, creating more youthful contours in the face, jaw, and neck, according to a media release from Vitality Sciences Institute.

The Reposturing method is a derivative of Parnell’s Pain Elimination therapy. Used by pre-Olympic clients to reduce chronic pain and improve athletic performance, the Pain Elimination Method provided Parnell with significant clues on how posture forms tension patterns in the jaw, neck, and face, leading to additional research and his creation of Facial Reposturing.

“As facial muscles are restored to their natural tone, the skin will plump and tighten over the muscles, leaving it smoother with a healthy, radiant glow,” Parnell explains in the release.

“It works because we are restoring the freedom and natural muscle tone in the face, jawline, and neck. Regular Facial Reposturing treatments, combined with the Facial Reposturing Workout, will produce positive and long-lasting results, adds Parnell, who sees clients at the Vitality Center of San Mateo.

According to the release, Facial Posturing dentists are also finding the Facial Reposturing techniques could also benefit individuals who suffer bruising and clenching in the face and jaw because of disorders such as temporomandibular joint disorder.

“Poor posture and facial tension are at the root of premature aging,” Parnell states, per the release. “People are searching for a noninvasive solution that requires no drugs, surgery, or downtime. I think we have something of value with this treatment.”

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