Findings from a comparative analysis study of blood loss during lipoplasty procedures shows that Vaser ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty causes significantly less blood loss when compared to traditional tumescent lipoplasty.

The study included 57 patients. Thirty of the patients underwent Vaser ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty and 27 had traditional lipoplasty. The patients in the study received the same type of infiltrating solution in equal volumes and the cannulas used in the study were virtually the same diameter for both groups.

"The conclusions drawn from the study are very promising," says Onelio Garcia, Jr, MD, FACS, assistant clinical professor in the division of plastic surgery at the University Of Miami School Of Medicine. "In a direct comparison, there appears to be a significantly lower amount of blood loss among patients who experienced Vaser ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty versus those who underwent traditional lipoplasty, commonly known as liposuction. Moreover, minimal bruising with the ultrasound device serves as a clinical correlation of the minimal blood loss associated with Vaser."

[Business Wire, June 4, 2008]