Maybe it is because everyone is so busy, but proper marketing of your practice online should be a year-round high priority. This is especially true when you have just announced a new procedure being offered at your practice. Make certain you review all online content, including photos and any kind of multimedia. When physicians send out a press release that is very important news and it is accompanied by a poor photo, they are asking for it. For example, here’s a recent press announcement from a respectable practice. Note the picture.

A revolutionary procedure for breast augmentation is offered [by cosmetic surgery] practices. This pioneering technique successfully reconstructs breast tissue the breast shape without the use of implants by successfully harvesting non-embryonic stem cells derived from fat cells leftover from liposuction.

The procedure is quickly growing in popularity because the procedure is implant free and uses the patient’s own fat cells harvested from liposuction procedures. Recent discoveries show that among every one hundred fat cells lives one regenerative stem cell. Doctors are able to separate them with a machine called the Celution System that uses the power of centrifugal force and proprietary enzyme purification. The separated regenerative stem cells are concentrated into pellet form and added back to some of the liposuctioned fat cells before they are injected into the breasts. The indroduced [sic] fat cells successfully assimilate into the breast, creating new blood vessels and producing breast tissue.

Read it all. The press release is mostly well done but it does not match up with the photo, which resembles a set from a horror movie. Don’t let this happen to you. Check all content and be the final review and proofreader of all content before it goes public.