It’s a spot many would like to change – but they don’t often talk about: the belly button.

Fortunately, improving that tiny area doesn’t take a big operation.

Short tops, pants that sit below the waist, and dresses with cutouts – all those fashions put belly buttons on view. But some are very self-conscious and they don’t like their navels.

A local plastic surgeon says that can be fixed quickly, and with very little recovery time.

Tina Lewis loves summer’s bare clothing, but not what they reveal.

“I don’t feel as though I have a belly button – it’s just like a little slit,” she said. “At the beach, I wear a 2-piece, and that’s the focal point, and there is none.”

Plastic surgeon Steve Davis from Davis Cosmetic Surgery in Cherry Hill, New Jersey says a surprising number of patients ask for tummy tucks, but he discovers the real concern.

“You don’t have any loose skin there – what’s really bothering you? and they always point to the belly button,” he said.