According to a new report published in the journal Nature, a team of Chinese experts have found a genetic pathway that could help understand the natural variation in ageing. The finding can help device ways through which human ageing can be slowed down.

“We know that animal evolution is conservative, and if we carry on with further studies we’re confident that we will probably find that the mechanism underlying the ageing rate of mammals is the same as for the worms,” said Mu-Ming Poo, director of the institute and an academician of the science academy. “Healthy human life can be extended if there is a way to target these genes in the future,” he said.

While the medical world figures out a way to slow down ageing medically, you can boost your metabolism, improve your skin health and look much younger just by minding your diet.

Anti-aging foods are not just a single category but a series of fruits and vegetables that must be consumed daily to feel the difference. Antioxidant-rich foods must be a part of your regular diet. Nuts and seeds are some of the best sources of antioxidants. Spices like basil, fennel, cumin, turmeric et cetera prevent oxidative damage to the cells. Green vegetables and fresh fruits must also be consumed every day.

Hydration is important; drink plenty of water and natural fluids like coconut water, green tea, fresh juices et cetera. Monitor your caffeine and alcohol intake. Smoking must be avoided at all cost. Exercise regularly, manage stress and get proper sleep.