While the procedure is simply known as a “nose job” to the general public, Los Angeles based website USRhinoplasty.org is expanding its educational efforts about rhinoplasty by updating its glossary section to include more terms and definitions related to the cosmetic surgery.

According to the senior editor of USRhinoplasty.org, “One of the main goals of updating the glossary section is to show our readers that rhinoplasty is more than a generic nose job. Some patients do have the procedure simply to improve the appearance of their nose. Others have rhinoplasty to correct functional issues that allow them to breathe easier and even repair deviated sections of the nasal area.”

The glossary includes terms that might be familiar to some while also serving as an entry point for others. The senior editor went on to say that “some patients are under the impression that rhinoplasty is a magical surgery that instantly fixes all problems. Our glossary section gives vital information that explains such terms as primary rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty for patients who did not get their desired results after their first rhinoplasty surgery. There are also a number of rhinoplasty terms such as septoplasty, nasal spine and open and closed rhinoplasty that are new to some of our readers.”

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