Virtual reality technology is being used to allow women to preview their boob jobs before going under the knife.

A handful of clinics in the UK are using “boob goggles,” or 3D plastic surgery simulators, to allow women to try before they buy.

Gerard Lambe, a consultant plastic surgeon at the Reflect Clinic in Manchester and a spokesman for British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, is one of those surgeons offering the service.

They can be used to show what a woman’s breast would look like if they were made bigger or smaller.

Gerard, who has been using the technology for a year, told The Sun Online: “They have been a huge advance, in my eyes.

“I have been doing plastic surgery for a long time and augmentation [making them bigger] was a bit in the stone age.

“You would have three or four sizes (of implants) that would just get stuffed in a bra and the woman would say it looks OK or it doesn’t.

“This software allows you to show what a round implant would look like as opposed to a tear drop one, it allows you to simulate what it would look like under the muscle and under the muscle.

“In every single patient I have had so far none of them have said they don’t look like the simulation afterwards.”

Gerard added that the technology also simulates corrective surgery.

“It allows you to simulate a reduction in volume, or removing an implant, moving the nipple up or down, showing scars, putting different sized implants on each side.

“I’ve just recently done a revision on a woman after breast cancer who had a very bad job done on the opposite side by a breast surgeon and I was able to simulate changing the size and correcting the skin and she found it really helpful because she was very distressed about it.”