Physicians say that women who are considering breast implants must consider what size implants will provide them with the look they desire, without compromising a natural-looking body contour.

"All too often women choose breast implants that look too big for their body, causing their breasts to look unnaturally large," says Douglas Hendricks, MD, Newport Beach, Calif. "The right size breast implant can provide patients with the body shape that they always wanted."

For many women, breast implants provide an improvement in the contour of their body as well as a boost in self-confidence. Choosing breast implants that are too large can cause the body to look unnatural.

The best way to determine the best size breast implants for the body is to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon, say physicians. An initial consultation is a time for patients to meet the plastic surgeon and ask questions about the breast surgery they are considering.

The initial consultation is also a time for the plastic surgeon to evaluate the patient’s body size and type, in order to determine what size breast implants will provide them with the result they want, but also look natural.

It is always a good idea for patients to go to the initial consultation knowing what they would like to achieve with breast implants. Many plastic surgeons request that their patients wear bras with padding to get an idea of what they will look like with their new breasts.

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