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CollPlant Bio-Prints 200cc Regenerative Breast Implants

CollPlant Biotechnologies successfully 3D printed 200 cc commercial-size breast implants using rhCollagen bioinks, with positive interim preclinical data showing promising tissue regeneration and no adverse reactions, suggesting a potential alternative for aesthetic and reconstructive procedures.



En Bloc Capsulectomy Only Needed for Cancer, Says BSCC

The Breast Surgery Collaborative Community (BSCC) states that an en bloc capsulectomy is only necessary for confirmed or suspected breast implant-associated cancer after thorough evaluation, emphasizing informed consent, evidence-based care, and the need for continued monitoring, while warning against unnecessary procedures driven by patient fears.

Breast Implants After Mastectomy Associated with Very Low Risk of Lymphoma

The incidence of a rare cancer, anaplastic large-cell lymphoma, has surged in recent years, possibly because of the growing use of textured breast implants. Considering this trend, some breast cancer patients who undergo mastectomy may wonder if the benefits of getting reconstructive implants are worth the risk of developing a second cancer. Here is what the latest research says.

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What to Expect After Breast Implant Removal

Patients thinking about removing their breast implants will likely have a few questions. For many people, one of the primary concerns is what their breasts will look like after explantation. The answer depends on many factors, and it’s important to understand how these details can affect breast appearance once the implants are removed.

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