At 79, Jane Fonda still gives good face. She’s also made no secret of why her face is quite so ageless and, well, taut: plastic surgery. And while Fonda’s been candid about her many trips under the knife in interviews past, things got palpably awkward this week when, out of left field, Megyn Kelly brought up the actress’s surgical history during a sit-down on Kelly’s talk show, Megyn Kelly TODAY.

During an appearance alongside Robert Redford, intended to promote their new movie, Our Souls at Night, Kelly turned to Fonda and pondered, “I read that you said you felt not proud to admit that you’ve had work done. Why not?” With the aid of a frigid-cold death stare, Fonda communicated to Kelly that it was the “wrong time and place” to ask about Fonda’s gravity-defying appearance.

Still, it begs the question: If Fonda has publicly disclosed her proclivity for plastic in the past, wasn’t Kelly within her rights to ask? And what about in real life: When it comes to your actual friends or your mom or your suddenly frozen-faced boss, is it ever okay to ask whether someone’s had work done? As a favour to Kelly — and the nosy among us — we’ve compiled a number of imaginary scenarios and asked ourselves, is it okay or not okay to ask about cosmetic enhancements? (Hint: It’s mostly not ok.)