Breast implant manufacturer Establishment Labs announces it has entered an international distribution agreement with fat transfer technology provider Puregraft LLC.

The agreement also includes an option to distribute Puregraft products in the United States and Canada.

Used in combination, Motiva Implants produced by Establishment Labs and Puregraft autologous fat transfer allows plastic surgeons to balance volume between silicone breast implants and subcutaneous tissue volume, for a more natural look and feel using the patient’s own cells, notes a media release from Puregraft LLC.

“Puregraft autologous fat transfer has demonstrated long term natural tissue retention, and will enable advanced cell-and-implant hybrid aesthetic and reconstructive treatments in combination with our innovative line of Motiva Implants,” says Juan José Chacón Quirós, chief executive officer of Establishment Labs, in the release.

“We believe that incorporating the latest technologies into breast aesthetics, breast reconstruction and body contouring will improve patient outcomes significantly and we are continuing to invest to bring an entirely new generation of products and therapies to market,” he adds.

“We are delighted to work with Establishment Labs to advance the state of the art Plastic Surgery procedures,” states Brad Conlan, CEO of San Diego-based Puregraft LLC, in the release.

“We are enthusiastic about the opportunities in the international market, and anticipate that hybrid procedures will become the new standard for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction and body contouring,” he continues.

[Source(s): Puregraft LLC, PR Newswire]