Research shows that cosmetic surgery will not make you feel any better about yourself, and in fact, may cause you to fixate on your looks as your primary source of self-worth. This will only hurt your Self Worth in the long run, because you’ll have to constantly fix your ‘flaws’ to live up to your idea of beauty.

According to Lexie Kite, Ph.D and founder of Beauty Redefined, two major breast implant companies in the U.S., Allergan and Mentor, both tried to prove to the FDA that breast implants helped Self Worth and both were proved wrong.

Allergan used 12 different quality of life measures to compare augmentation patients before surgery and two years later. Nine of the 12 quality of life measures were worse after the women got their breast implants, including Self Worth. That’s 75% of a patient’s quality of life recording no real positive impact after two years. The results were similar for women getting Mentor breast implants.