I have to get something off my chest (pun intended): Having big boobs kind of sucks.

I first developed breasts when I was 9 years old. By the time I was 15, my breasts were a DD on my small girl frame. I was young, and big boobs made me look and feel more grown. I felt lucky to have them.

Over time, I’ve developed a more mature hourglass shape and today, at five feet tall with breasts size DDD or E or F (depending on the bra shop), the top of my hourglass has become a little too full. When I go shopping for brassieres, or try to wear a button-up shirt or turtleneck, or go in to awkwardly hug a co-worker, or when strangers eyes’ (or, let’s be real, hands!) wander to my chest, I don’t feel so lucky anymore. I feel kind of cursed.