As women age and enter their 40s, 50s and beyond, gravity and a loss of collagen and elastin can cause the breasts to sag, which can affect how a woman’s body looks overall and lower her self-confidence. A temporary fix to lift the breasts is a great bra, but once it comes off, nothing can be done to lift them up except a surgical procedure, such as a breast lift or augmentation.

A breast augmentation with implants can help correct the sagging and improve your look, but there’s a new treatment on the horizon that could offer an even better solution. Enter GalaFORM 3D, a type of scaffolding that can be placed in the breasts via surgery to make the existing breast tissue stronger and give the breasts a natural-looking lift.

Galatea Surgical, the brand’s parent company, recently announced that GalaFORM 3D received FDA-clearance for use in plastic surgery, but is still awaiting FDA-approval. According to the company, it is currently the only three-dimensionally contoured, surgical scaffold with a reinforcing rim designed to uplift the body’s natural shape, provide easier placement and reduce procedure time.

The material is biologically derived (made of a natural substance taken from living organisms such as cells and tissues) and has a “unique mechanical property that allows it to be molded and formed into 3-D shapes,” providing plastic surgeons with a good potential option for lifting the breasts.