For a society embroiled in a pandemic, fighting systematic racial injustice, and fledgling under widespread unemployment, beauty now means something vastly different than it did just a few months ago. When even little things — like going to the grocery store while maintaining six feet of distance — can induce stress, we become desperate for something, anything that’s easy and makes us feel good. For many, that’s a natural, pared-down approach to beauty.

The more we adapt to these chaotic circumstances, the more evident this shift in sensibility will extend past a few months of comfort dressing at home. According to experts that span several sectors of the beauty industry (including formulators, brand creative directors, market analysts, makeup artists, and dermatologists), pressing pause on bold makeup is just the start. Beauty’s new natural wave will affect everything — from how we take our Botox to the way skin care is formulated and even how we practice self love.