In September two years ago today, the world lost one of its most revered and respected comediennes, Joan Rivers. The comedienne, actress, author, TV host and all-around well-loved celebrity was 81, when she died of complications after a routine throat surgery in New York.

She left behind a legion of fans, but most of all, she left behind her adoring daughter and grandson. Her daughter Melissa had said of her passing,”One of the greatest gifts she gave me was that I was able to say goodbye and not question our feelings for each other. There was no unfinished business between us”. This is line especially is poignant for anyone who has lost a family member and were there, in that moment”.

Speaking of Joan as a grandmother, Melissa said, “[She was] one that liked to undermine any authority that I possibly had with my child! And one of those ones that liked to sit and laugh and point and giving me a hard time, saying, “he’s just like you”!”