Merz Aesthetics announces the launch of the second annual Innovation Forum with a call to action for the next generation of researchers and clinicians to submit their most creative and inventive original abstracts.

The winners will present their submission on the main stage of the highly anticipated Merz Aesthetics Expert Summit (MEXS).

“The Merz Aesthetics Innovation Forum provides medical aesthetics experts everywhere with the opportunity to come together to spark creativity, encourage unique thinking and drive innovation within our field. We are delighted to offer this opportunity to aesthetics professionals, independent to their experience, and highlight the future of the industry on a global scale.”

— Terri Phillips, MD, Chief Medical Affairs Officer, Merz Aesthetics

Submissions, which can range from pre-clinical or clinical work to innovations in the field of anatomy or novel observations from daily clinical practice, will then be reviewed by an esteemed panel of independent international experts.

The submissions will be categorized based on the candidate’s years of experience in aesthetics, either more or less than 5 years working in the field. For each category, five finalists will be selected in May 2022 based on their abstract’s level of innovation, practical relevance, scientific rigor, potential and applicability.

Selected finalists will then have the opportunity to create a video about their submission that will be uploaded to a Merz Aesthetics platform for the aesthetic community to watch and vote for their desired winners per category. All finalists will be invited to the next Merz Expert Summit, where the winners will be announced. They will be invited to present their work in-person during a break-out session on cutting-edge science.

For more information about the submission process and requirements, visit Merz Innovation Forum. Submissions will be accepted through April 17, 2022.

[Source: Merz Aesthetics]