SHAPE, Good Housekeeping, & Elle choose the noninvasive treatments as winners.

Radiofrequency technology marketer InMode was recently honored with multiple beauty award wins in national publications for its noninvasive hands-free workstations, Evolve and Evoke, as well as for AccuTite, the company’s minimally invasive tightening device for focal areas.

This year, Shape Skin Awards awarded Evoke, InMode’s noninvasive, hands-free workstation designed to remodel the cheeks, jowls, chin, and jawline in its “Stronger Jawlines” category. In addition, Good Housekeeping has recognized Evolve, InMode’s noninvasive hands-free workstation designed to remodel skin, treat adipose tissue, and tone muscles as an award winner in its 2020 Beauty Awards. Last November, Elle released its “2019 Future of Beauty Awards” and named AccuTite as one of the best in the in-office treatment Category.

“We are honored to have received these three prestigious awards by industry experts, further solidifying InMode as an undisputed innovator in the noninvasive to minimally invasive medical technologies market,” says Shakil Lakhani, president of North America at InMode, in a release. “These highly coveted industry wins are further validation that InMode’s cutting edge devices deliver exceptional results to physicians and their patients.”

Winners of these awards went through months of testing by editors, readers, board members and industry stakeholders.