Patients considering facial plastic surgery now have a service to help them visualize their new look, through an online facial design service—ConceptFACE.com.

The service is helpful for patients considering a facelift, eyelid surgery, facial implant, or nonsurgical aesthetic procedure.

ConceptFACE.com offers online design and visualization by professional designers. Using aesthetic design skills, they create conceptual designs that encompass a patient’s entire face.

“A person can actually see their face conceptually made over before committing their face to procedures,” says James Michaels of ConceptFACE.com. “Instead of relying solely on their imagination or other patients’ before-and-after photos, people can see their face conceptually designed before plastic surgery or an image makeover.”

Here’s how the process works: Patients order and pay for the design service and submit facial photos online. Within 5 business days, clients receive their facial makeovers via e-mail. Clients can then visually communicate aesthetics to an aesthetic plastic surgeon.

ConceptFACE.com designers have a design degree and a minimum of 8 years of professional design experience. Their approach to designing faces is a process more than just enlarging a feature and reducing another. It’s a skillful balance between design principles and artistic talent. The art is not in drastically changing someone’s face, but in capturing individual character and bringing out the best in it.

An online design and visualization service costs $499. Arrangements may be made to work with a specific plastic surgeon.

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