In conjunction with ongoing Breast Cancer Awareness Month efforts, Hologic Inc unveiled Carolina, a narrative documentary-style film about the breast cancer journey from diagnosis to reconstruction, developed in collaboration with Mediflix and Moonlight Productions.

Released on the Mediflix streaming platform timed to Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day (October 20), Carolina follows a fictional patient through her cancer diagnosis and treatment, and features testimonials from real breast cancer survivors and clinicians about the physical and emotional experiences that women overcome throughout their breast cancer battle.

This documentary provides a platform to help recently diagnosed breast cancer patients better understand the latest minimally invasive options available that treat breast cancer and address the real concern of physical appearance. Knowing options at the earliest stage of diagnosis helps inform decision making and increases confidence.

“Enabling healthier lives, everywhere, every day, to support better health outcomes is ingrained in our mission, and this first-of-its-kind partnership with Mediflix represents an exciting new way for us to provide value to viewers and breast cancer patients alike.

“Women are faced with so many options and opinions when it comes to breast cancer treatment, which can be overwhelming and emotionally taxing. This film helps educate women about their options for breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction, reinforcing the fact that they don’t need to sacrifice their confidence to live a healthy life.”

— Jennifer Meade, Hologic’s division president, Breast & Skeletal Health Solutions

Postsurgery Appearance

Postsurgery appearance is one concern several survivors share in the film, as many associate breast cancer surgeries with scarring and indentations where the cancer was removed. More recent technological advancements in breast health have resulted in options such as Reconstructive Lumpectomy breast cancer surgery, a 2-in-1 procedure that removes the cancerous mass and uses plastic surgery techniques to reconstruct the breast using Hologic’s BioZorb 3D implantable marker.

“Our goal as breast cancer surgeons is to not only remove the cancer, but if we have to remove a cancer that’s large enough to potentially cause a deformity, to construct the breast to its natural shape,” said Breast Oncologist, Linda Han, MD, at Parkview Health in Indiana. “Sometimes we don’t have enough of the surrounding breast tissue to fill in that volume or void, and we’re able to supplement that by using this open bioabsorbable matrix that acts as a support for the surrounding tissue.”

BioZorb marker helps maintain breast shape through its spiral framework that is embedded with six permanent, titanium clips designed to precisely mark the surgical excision site and has been shown in a case series to yield good to excellent cosmetic outcomes for at least 2 years postsurgery.

“We’re proud to present Carolina on the Mediflix platform,” said Sharon Cammisa, CCO, Mediflix. “Our goal is to inspire, inform and empower our audience, and Carolina checks all those boxes.”

Learn more about Reconstructive Lumpectomy breast cancer surgery here. Watch the 20-minute film on the Mediflix platform.

[Source(s): Hologic Inc, Business Wire]

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