TELA Bio Inc has entered into a distribution agreement with Next Science, a medical technology company, granting TELA exclusive rights to sell and market Next Science’s proprietary antimicrobial surgical wash with XBIO technology across the US plastic reconstructive market. Additionally, TELA Bio received a first right of negotiation for the EU market upon successful CE approval.

Next Science’s XBIO Technology delivers an advanced option for surgical infection control by addressing the biofilms that make bacteria more resistant to traditional antimicrobial agents, disinfectants, and host immune defenses. The no-rinse delivery allows the solution to provide over 5 hours of ongoing protection against bacterial biofilms. With no known bacterial resistance, the XBIO Technology provides broad spectrum efficacy with exceptional rates of pathogen removal.

“We are excited to work with Next Science and will commence private label marketing of the solution for plastic surgery in early 2022,” said Antony Koblish, President and CEO of TELA Bio. “Including this novel infection control solution into our product portfolio will expand our service offerings and diversify our supplier base as we continue to create a market-leading soft tissue restoration portfolio.”

“We are delighted to expand our commercial footprint through the TELA Bio sales organization,” says Judith Mitchell, CEO of Next Science Limited. “We expect this partnership will help deliver this groundbreaking technology to the hands of surgeons and aligns with Next Science’s overall mission of healing patients and saving lives.”

[Source(s): TELA Bio Inc, GlobeNewswire]