Frost & Sullivan researchers have found that patients are slowly accepting minimally invasive surgery (MIS) as newer technology, compared with traditional open surgeries.

According to the researchers, MIS procedures have faced psychological blocks from patients and surgeons who have felt trepidation in adopting new and unconventional procedures. However, reduced patient trauma and lowered costs for patients as well as healthcare providers have made MIS procedures more appealing to the medical fraternity.

"The main purpose behind MIS is to reduce the size of surgical incision which, in turn, results in smaller scars that remain post surgery, improving wound cosmesis," says Sirisha R. S, Frost & Sullivan research analyst. "Postoperative scars on the neck, throat, hands, and face are not just a cosmetic concern, but also a cause of difficulty to most patients, who are forced to undergo surgery to eliminate those scars, incurring more costs and inconvenience."

Source:  Frost & Sullivan; July 26