Plenty of plastic surgeons use Instagram to showcase their latest work, whether it’s breast implants, rhinoplasties or facelifts. However, it’s not just the countless, jaw-dropping before-and-afters that catch our eye on social media, but rather the more unusual surgery trends that they post. The latest example? A sudden influx of otoplasty, aka ear surgery.

Otoplasty is surgery that can improve the shape or positioning of the ear. Usually this kind of surgery consists of pinning the ear closer to the head so that the ears don’t fan out from the sides of the face. But lately, there’s been a steady flow of Instagram posts showing off otoplasty surgeries that create a smaller top of the ear rather than changing their proximity to the head. Multiple doctors, specifically in Russia, are using this surgery to create less prominent, more proportionate ears on their patients and it’s quickly picking up speed on social media.

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