“Hey yo,” say dozens of young women on TikTok. They look into the camera with their hands obscuring the lower halves of their faces. “Nose job check!” Or, if their perceived flaw is their lips, “Lip filler check!” Bryson Tiller’s “How About Now” plays behind a montage of photos showing off their old noses and lips—selfies, school pictures, prom photos of normal-looking teenage girls. They reveal their new faces on beat, complete with tiny noses and full, pouty lips. Commenters gush (or gripe) about their transformations, and then the clips get edited into compilation videos posted on YouTube, where they get thousands of more views.

Of course, not every person in these clips has gotten lip augmentation or rhinoplasty. Those procedures aren’t cheap, and many parents wouldn’t allow them anyway. But that inaccessibility, combined with the rising interest in plastic surgery spurred by image-focused platforms like TikTok, has bolstered a social media subtrend: showing off nonsurgical methods to remodel your face for more flattering selfies.