Dubbed “Instagram Face” in a New Yorker article by writer Jia Tolentino, it’s an exactingly symmetrical look facilitated over the last decade by high-tech advancements in digital facial-tuning filters and injectable facial fillers, aka tweakments, aka the minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that have made Botox and Juvéderm household names. Filters and fillers. Though this chiseled face devoid of smiles, frowns, furrowed brows of worry or concentration and wrinkles is primarily found on women, it was, in many ways, a face forged by men.

Apart from the golden ratio, there is another beauty truth we could probably all agree upon: The trend pendulum eventually swings. Does that mean that we’re in for a face envisioned by women? And, if so, what would that face look like? Could we imagine it might appear not less but more emotive?