RealSelf launches “Beyond Beauty,” a special editorial series that explores how plastic surgeons and other medical professionals donate their time to participate in humanitarian work in the United States and abroad.

The “Beyond Beauty” series also highlights the work done by nonprofits like ReSurge International, an organization focused on building reconstructive surgical capacity in developing countries that RealSelf has partnered with since 2015.

Surgeons from ReSurge International, operating on a patient.

The special series will be featured on RealSelf News from February 17 to March 17 and includes: 

  • Nonprofit Spotlights: Learn about the work ReSurge and RealSelf are doing to provide reconstructive surgery to burn survivors in India, and how the organization Face Forward provides support and surgical care to individuals affected by domestic violence.
  • Expert Interviews: Learn about the philanthropic work doctors like Dr Marshall Partington, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Kirkland, Washington, do in their communities and abroad.
  • Personal Essays: Hear from RealSelf editors and community members whose personal experiences have changed their own understanding of beauty.
  • Charitable Organizations Guide: Discover the philanthropic groups and organizations RealSelf doctors support.
Dr Marshall Partington, RealSelf CEO Tom Seery, and Stanford University plastic surgery resident Anna Luan

“’Beyond Beauty’ shines a light on the transformative power of reconstructive surgery and its ability to restore an individual’s sense of self,” says Tom Seery, RealSelf founder and CEO, in a media release. “We hope that by telling these stories, we inspire more people to support the incredible work doctors, medical professionals and organizations are doing.”

To learn more about RealSelf and the “Beyond Beauty” series, visit RealSelf.

[Source: RealSelf]