The biochemist and board-certified plastic surgeon advises that lactic acid is essential to the biology of every human cell.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. So biochemist and board certified plastic surgeon, James Beckman, MD, is advocating for everyone to use a skin care product with an elevated concentration of lactic acid as part of their daily facial care routine.

“This gives the benefit of having a more youthful appearance to skin,” he says. “But an important bonus is that the increased exfoliation rate lowers the risk of having the buildup of pre-cancerous epidermal cells on the skin.” 

Beckman reports that 98% of all skin cancers form in the outer layer of skin cells called epidermal cells. The development of cancer changes in the epidermal cells is due to their direct exposure daily to harmful sunlight and UV radiation. The radiation energy damages DNA and the result is that many cells will show precancerous changes at the time they shed from the surface, he says. Over time, some cells accumulate UV damage and degrade into malignant cancer cells.

He advises that lactic acid is essential to the biology of every human cell. “When a slightly elevated concentration of lactic acid is used on skin, the surface cell exfoliation rate speeds up greatly. This process of renewal eliminates over a few weeks the “damaged cell” population that has a high probability of cancerous changes.” 

Utilizing Theraderm Fruit Acid Exfoliant, an alpha hydroxy acid that’s naturally produced by the human body, aids in producing a smooth skin surface and promotes better results from moisturizers and anti-aging products, according to the company. Studies show that applying the fruit acid to skin within the first 6 hours after being exposed to UV radiation, may help prevent symptoms like pain, redness and blistering—thereby avoiding permanent skin damage.