Your daytime skincare routine is important — but what you do at night also has a major effect on how your skin looks come morning. “Like much of the body, skin cells regenerate themselves while you sleep, making it the optimal time to apply topical treatments formulated specifically for your skin type and concerns,” says Christina Kasnoff, medical aesthetician and founder of The Skin Clinic in San Francisco and founder of Kasnoff Skincare & Cosmetics.

Make the most of your PM routine — rather than slathering on some moisturizer and calling it a night, follow these pro-approved tips:

Don’t skimp on cleanup

Starting with fresh, clean skin is a must if you want your nighttime products to do their jobs. “I have been amazed at the amount of residual makeup, dirt, and oil that can build up over the course of a month when I treat people who have not practiced proper nightly cleansing,” says Kasnoff. “My number one recommendation for anyone looking to improve their complexion is simple: wash, rinse, and repeat.” Yep — double up on cleansing, she advises. “Once to remove the actual physical barriers that have accumulated over the skin throughout the day (bacteria, dirt, oil, and your makeup), then again to permeate into skin’s pores and wash out the impurities.”

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