From dermabrasion and skin-resurfacing systems to infusion pumps that deliver local anesthesia, plastic surgeons and dermatologists have a vast array of equipment to choose from that will help them run effective practices. Here’s a look at some of the top aesthetic equipment products available today.

Altair Instruments Inc

Altair Instruments Inc offers the DiamondTome™ system, which features a vacuum that gently lifts the skin against a diamond-tipped wand, removing abraded skin. The long-lasting, easy-to-grip wands are available in various grits for a wide latitude of treatments, including exfoliation and acne scar reduction. The Dia­mond­Tome delivers effective reliable results with little or no patient downtime.

For more information, contact Altair Instruments Inc, 321 Aviador St, Suite 113, Camarillo, CA 93010; (805) 388-8503;

Cynosure Inc

The Cynergy III by Cynosure Inc is a multiple-wavelength, multiple-application aesthetic workstation that includes two lasers in one unit, as well as a unique breakaway pulsed-light system that can be used in the workstation or unplugged for use at different locations. The Cynergy III may be used to treat veins and vascular lesions, or to perform laser hair removal and facial procedures.

For more information, contact Cynosure Inc, 10 Elizabeth Dr, Chelmsford, MA 01824; (800) 886-2966;

Genesis Biosystems Inc

The Dual-Mode microdermabrasion system by Genesis Biosystems Inc allows the operator to switch between crystal and crystal-free procedures easily and aseptically. Face and body peels can be customized from very light surface peels and polishing, to deep-tissue abrasion for scar revision, to aggressive medical peels. Microdermabrasion systems with Plug-n-Peel™ come standard with a Derma Genesis® ergonomic, dual-mode handpiece that utilizes disposable, crystal, and crystal-free tip caps.

For additional information, contact Genesis Biosystems Inc, 405 State Hwy 121 Bypass, Suite D120, Lewisville, TX 75067; (888) 577-7335;

Dermamed USA Inc

With its exclusive Enviro-Sealed™ HEPA Cartridge, the MegaPeel® microdermabrasion system by Dermamed USA Inc is a closed-filtration system that eliminates clogging, excessive crystal flow, and airborne contaminants to ensure a cleaner, safer environment. MegaPeel also features condition-specific handpieces and disposable tips for customized treatments.

For additional information, contact Dermamed USA Inc, 394 Parkmount Rd, PO Box 198, Lenni, PA 19052; (888) 789-6342;

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Technologies Inc

Aesthetic and Reconstructive Tech­nologies (AART) Inc introduces the O-Plex Acne Treatment System, a therapeutic breakthrough in acne treatment. It hydrates skin and utilizes patented Lyphazome technology for a holistic approach to acne control.

For more information, contact AART Inc, 3545 Airway Dr, Suite 106, Reno, NV 89511; (866) 853-6800;


Cutera introduces Solera Opus, a new platform for Intelligent Pulsed Light™, which delivers the desired fluency for safe and effective skin-rejuvenation treatments. An integrated, temperature-controlled sapphire window allows treatments to be done with direct contact and without gel, improving the treatment for both the patient and physician. The Programmable Wavelength 770 (PW770) handpiece for hair removal electronically shifts the output wavelengths for treatment. It allows the user to select from program A, B, or C on the interface to optimize the treatment based on the skin type.

For additional information, contact Cutera, 3240 Bayshore Blvd, Brisbane, CA 94005; (888) 428-8372;

Aesthetic Technologies

With its directed stream of microcrystals working in combination with a vacuum to rejuvenate the skin, Aesthetic Technologies’ Pari­sian Peel Medical Micro­dermabrasion system is engineered for maximum productivity and optimum crystal efficiency. A nonsurgical antiaging therapy, Parisian Peel reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, photodamage, active acne, and acne scars. Each of the three available models features a handpiece that increases operator control while minimizing fatigue, self-contained waste canisters, and triple HEPA filtration to create a clean  treatment environment and allow clog-free operation.

For more information, contact Aesthetic Technologies, 2150 W 6th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020; (800) 262-4412;

Radiancy Inc

The Whisper Extended-Ablation Laser by Radiancy Inc features a patented, handheld laser design that is engineered for simple operation, high reliability, and low maintenance. It combines a proprietary fluency level with an extra-long pulse width to achieve extended ablation of the skin. Peeling is spread over 3–5 days, and it occurs simultaneously with the reepithelialization process. The result is a noticeable improvement in skin texture without unduly exposing the underlying dermis. The Whisper’s precision and minimal residual damage allows physicians to treat a small problem area or to provide a full laser peel with the same results. The healing process is subtle, allowing the use of makeup the following day.

For more information, contact Radiancy Inc, 40 Ramland Rd S, Suite 10, Orangeburg, NY 10962; (888) 661-2220;

Orion Lasers

Orion Lasers offers the Harmony Multi-Application System, which features four distinct technologies built into one compact unit. Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT), a light-based technology, treats a wide range of skin treatments, including skin re­juvenation, vascular/pigmented lesions, hair re­moval, and acne. Pulsed UVB Tech­nology restores lost pigment and other dermatologic disorders. Long-Pulse Nd:YAG Tech­no­logy treats facial wrinkles and leg veins, and Q-Switched Nd:YAG Technology treats tattoos and dermal pigmented lesions.

For additional information, contact Orion Lasers Inc, 6555 NW 9th Ave, Suite 303, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309; (877) ORION-US;

Sound Surgical Technologies LLC

The Vaser® by Sound Surgical Tech­nolo­gies LLC utilizes ultrasonic energy to quickly emulsify fatty tissue and limit damage to connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. Its precise fluid management, controlled and selective tissue emulsification, pa­tented solid-grooved probe design that diffuses energy, and proprietary cannulae all contribute to a procedure designed to minimize trauma to the tissue matrix.

For more information, contact Sound Surgical Technologies LLC, 351 S McCaslin Dr, Suite 100, Louisville, CO 80027-2932; (888) 471-4777;


CTEV by Cooltouch is a catheter-based laser technology for the treat­ment of varicose veins. It is an alternative to painful surgery and provides a virtually pain-free treatment with no downtime. CTEV’s proprietary 1,320-nm wavelength targets collagen in the vein wall and is safer than diode lasers. CTEV’s controlled laser heating contracts the vein, leading to closure.

For additional information, contact Cooltouch, 9085 Foothills Blvd, Roseville, CA 95747; (877) 858-COOL;

Edge Systems Corp

Edge Systems Corp introduces the Ergonomic Diamond Crystal-Free microdermabrasion system. With the flick of a switch, crystal and crystal-free microderma­brasion may be performed simultaneously. The crystal-free handpiece features an ergonomic autoclavable shank, variable abrasion tips, and an abrasion filter pad. The system uses disposable abrasive pads in combination with various diamond-embedded tips. The tips and handpieces can be sterilized using either germicide or autoclave.

For additional information, contact Edge Systems Corp, 2277 Redondo Ave, Signal Hill, CA 90755; (562) 597-0102;


Laserscope introduces the Gemini Dual Wavelength Laser System, which features a powerful aesthetic KTP green laser and Nd:YAG with integrated contact cooling to provide unparalleled speed, efficacy, and versatility for performing common aesthetic procedures. With an intuitive touch-screen interface, light ergonomic handpieces, and computer-assisted controls, Gemini’s variable settings allow for both extreme precision and faster treatment times.

For more information, contact Laserscope, 3070 Orchard Dr, San Jose, CA 95134; (800) 356-7600;

PMT/Permark Inc

Looking for an easy solution to makeup burdens? Permark Inc offers permanent makeup to ease the application process. The permanent cosmetic starter kit contains two shades for lips, one for eyebrows, and one for eyeliner; plus needles and mixing containers.

For additional information, contact PMT/Permark Inc, 1500 Park Rd, Canhassen, MN 55317; (800) 737-6275;

Osada Inc

Osada Inc offers high-torque/low-speed surgical micromotor systems ideal for dermabrasion and hair transplants. The tabletop model XL-30W (900–30,000 rpm), which comes with handpiece assembly and optional foot controls, provides consistently smooth, vibration-free rotation. The autoclavable handpiece is ergonomically constructed, lightweight, and streamlined for control and precision. It accepts all standard-size diamond fraises, wire brushes, and scalp transplant punches.

For additional information, contact Osada Inc, 8436 W Third St, Suite 695, Los Angeles, CA 90048; (323) 651-0711;


Thermacool by Thermage employs an advanced form of noninvasive radiofrequency (RF) technology to tighten skin and renew facial contours. Thermacool delivers capacitive RF energy deep into the skin, causing immediate tightening of existing collagen while protecting the skin’s surface with cooling. It also initiates natural production of new collagen fibers to firm skin and smooth wrinkles over time.

For additional information, contact Thermage, 4058 Point Eden Way, Hayward, CA 94545; (510) 782-2286;

Symedex Medical LLC

The LaserPeel™ 3G Modified Erbium Laser by Symedex gently ablates to freshen, soften, and improve the appearance of skin, providing a tight, clean, and fresh radiance. The system uses its proprietary Modified Erbium Technology (MET™) to allow versatility and control with minimal damage when ablating the epidermis. Its optimal balance of 90% effective fluence and 4 Hz repetition rate allows a photo facial to be performed with precision and uniformity in less than 10 minutes. LaserPeel 3G is lightweight, portable, and simple to operate, delivering clean, fast results with minimal downtime.

For additional information, contact Symedex Medical LLC, 9220 James Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55431; (888) 818-8181;

The Laser Network

The Laser Network introduces an advanced laser & IPL Web site database,, geared toward simplifying the navigation process through the complexities of lasers and IPLs, while helping to determine which system best fits a physician’s needs. The Web site includes such advances as an all-encompassing historical  manufacturer/model listing, the ability to search for a system by manufacturer or procedure, and the capacity to do side-by-side comparisons of various laser models. The user may also research warranties and aftermarket service programs, or investigate certified clinical training and after-sale support.

For more information, contact The Laser Network, 19336 Goddard Ranch Court, Suite 201-203, Morrison, CO 80465; (866) 597-6895;

Friendly Light

The ER: YAG Laser by Friendly Light is a safe and efficient tool for wrinkle removal and treatment of sun-damaged skin and scars. It also removes and treats medical lesions without damaging the dermis. The compact laser weighs only 20 pounds and easily fits into small procedure rooms.

For additional information, contact Friendly Light, 777 Old Saw Mill River Rd, Tarrytown, NY 10591; (877) 379-2435;

Erchonia Medical

The Erchonia 4L, a low-level laser by Erchonia Medical, may be used during liposuction. The portable, dual-diode laser breaks down fat cells, making extraction easier. According to the manufacturer, the laser treatment can extract approximately 40 mL of fat per minute, reducing surgery time by approximately 45 minutes per liter of fat removed.

For more information, contact Erchonia Medical, 4751 E Indigo St, Mesa, AZ 85205; (888) 242-0571;