Christian Jurist, MD, is the global educational director at Pevonia Botanica Spa and Medicalia International. He specializes in face and body therapies, including botu­linum toxin Type A injections, chemical peels, lasers, ultrasound treatments, mesotherapy, thermolipolysis, micro­current treatments, and liquid and solid facial implants. 

At Pevonia/Medicalia, Jurist works side by side with Sylvie Hennessy, creator of the Pevonia Botanica Spa face and body line and Medicalia skin care, and an educator in the skin-care and spa industries. Together, Jurist and Hennessy develop educational programs to provide a scientific approach to aesthetic and medical-aesthetic practices.

How do your preoperative products specifically prepare the skin for surgery?

Our products enhance, boost, and reinforce the natural functions of the skin at a cellular level. Added protection and vitamins support and contribute positive, accelerated healing once the skin is under the stress and trauma of a procedure. This treatment minimizes recovery time and reduces inflammation and other signs and symptoms associated with the healing process (bruising, erythema, swelling, epithelization, and scar formation).

How do your postoperative products prevent the formation of postoperative milia?

Our postoperative products prevent the formation of secondary milia, thanks to noncomedogenic, nonreactive, and hypoallergenic formulations that complement the preventive, protective, and refining effect achieved by using the recommended preoperative regimen, to create total synergy with the skin.

As time progresses, skin starts to show the signs of aging. What types of ingredients in your repair line help rejuvenate the skin to reveal a youthful glow or prevent the signs of aging in the first place?

A couple of our flagship ingredients for the Medi-Repair line are retinol and vitamin C. Retinol, an antioxidant and a safe, active form of vitamin A, re-energizes the cells and creates an intrinsic boost that supports growth and reproduction, leading to skin renewal, healthy skin thickening, and minimized lines and wrinkles. The vitamin C helps collagen formation, provides ultraviolet protection, and supports the skin by improving its oxygen usage.

Medicalia offers diverse products, from preoperative to postoperative to blemish control to repair and camouflage. What is the most popular line of products?

Within Medicalia, we have a few best-sellers, including the Medi-Peel line, the Medi-Clear–Blemish line for acne, Retinol & “C” Care Cream for anti-aging, and the Medi-Renew eye line.

Many plastic surgeons are currently opening medical spas. Do you have plans to market your spa products to them?

We are currently promoting our products through ads, columns, and articles in medical-spa trade magazines and their supplements, our presence at relevant medical shows, referrals from physicians already using our products, and direct contacts with medical spas. PSP