today is waxing praise for Isolagen, which has succeeded in wowing Wall Street — and maybe even the FDA — in the completion of its Phase III clinical trials for the Isolagen Treatment, a new "designer wrinkle-filler" that apparently is now on a fast track to be productized — Isolagen Rejuvenated:

Shares of the company jumped a whopping 265.4%, or $1.38, to $1.90 in afternoon trading on Wednesday, when it announced the results from two late-stage human studies it conducted on its new wrinkle-filling treatments.
Isolagen conducted these studies under a special protocol assessment by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which means that the FDA has agreed, at least in part, that successful results from the studies could justify approving the treatment.
The Isolagen Treatment is an injection derived from a patient's own collagen-producing skin cells. According to the company, the trials have shown that it can improve the skin damage caused by acne scars, burns, sun damage, and aging. In a story that ran yesterday on Yahoo News:
The two studies showed that the drugs were more effective than a placebo in improving these conditions and that it had no more side effects than the placebo at reducing the prominence of wrinkles based on assessments made separately by patients and their doctors. Side effects were similar to those seen in patients who took the placebo.
According to several reports, the treatment is more expensive than Botox or Restylane because of the process involved in creating a custom filler injection for each patient. Nonetheless, the results reported are impressive and a further reinforcement of growth in the fillers market.