If you’re having a hard time finding a dermatologist that treats darker skin, there’s an app for that.

First Derm has a new platform that’s making it easier for minorities to find the best doctors with its Skin of Colour page.

With the feature, you can anonymously submit photos and descriptions of your conditions to doctors for assessment.

Once the dermatologist gathers the information, they can then send you a course of action for treatment in just a few hours.

“It is known throughout the field of Dermatology that different skin types have their own special requirements for diagnosis and treatment,” A. Geronimo Jones, one of First Derm’s dermatologists, said on the site. “It is not until recently that the beauty and skin care industry has invested into people with darker skin and cater to products for Asian, Hispanic/Latino, African, Native American, Middle-Eastern, and mixtures thereof.”

The site has even identified the 10 most common skin conditions for people of color on its blog.

“We realize that people of colour have a unique set of skin concerns because of genetics and cultural practice, and thus require different treatments as opposed to patients with much lighter skin,” Jones said.

Available in seven languages in more than 160 countries, the app has been used by more than 200,000 people.