Hand’s down, judicious use of moisturizer tops the list of eczema treatments dermatologists use on themselves and their kids. Here’s why: The skin barrier is inherently damaged in eczema, and as a result, irritants can sneak in and water can escape, resulting in dry, itchy patches of skin. Moisturizers help protect the barrier, and when it comes to moisturizers, the greasier the better.

When shopping for a moisturizer, make sure it is fragrance-free as scents can irritate eczema-prone skin. Key ingredients to look for include ceramides, glycerin, Shea butter, lipids, and hyaluronic acids. For best results, apply moisturizer to damp skin after taking a shower or bath in lukewarm water to lock moisture in and keep irritants out.

Follow these dermatologist-approved rules for using moisturizer, and you’ll never go wrong.